60>100cm Sally Sweet Dreams 10Pcs (Regular)


Sally Sweet Dream Menstrual Pants is an innovative product designed especially for women with heavy menses, urinary problems and can also be used as a postpartum pad for bleeding which occurs after birth. It provides a refreshing and breathable feeling.


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No. Quantity Standard
LQ01M10 10 60cm-100cm


Dry and Breathable surface, 46cm Absorbance core, 3x Higher Absorption, Anti leakage channel safe for day and night.

About Brand & Certificates :
SoftLove is holding the certificates of FDA, ISO 9001, SGS and CE  SoftLove is available at most of the countries in the world. All the raw materials are sourced from reputable and international certified suppliers such as,

  • * ADL (Re-Distribution Layer) – Designed in the USA
  • * Wetness Indicator – Designed in the USA
  • * Special SAP (Fast More Absorbency) – Imported from Japan
  • * Hotmelt Glue – From France & Germany
  • * Breathable Back Sheet Cover – Designed in the USA
  • * ADL (Re-Distribution Layer) – Designed in the USA
  • * Velcro Tape – Designed in the USA